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Watch Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video And One Where She Performs With a Little People Band on German TV

Trolling would imply that Miley Cyrus read all of the think pieces about her last month, digested the racial and political criticisms, rejected them, and agreed to perform with a little people band as a direct, thought-out response. Therefore, we will not call this trolling but another Miley Cyrus tongue-wag, to be dealt with (anger, shrugging, close-tabbing) as you see fit. Related: Miley Cyrus will be both the host and musical guest on SNL October 5, and she is pretty much naked in her new video (below). Ration your outrage accordingly.

Here’s “Wrecking Ball.” It is not technically NSFW, but know what you are clicking (a mostly-naked Miley video).

Miley Cyrus Performed With a Little People Band