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Watch Patton Oswalt’s Memories of His Young Stoned Encounter With Eraserhead

Trust us, there’s a perfectly good reason why Patton Oswalt has a bloodied prosthetic rabbit foot sticking out of his chest in this video. It all has to do with his starring role on Adult Swim’s The Heart, She Holler, a truly horrifying five-nights-a-week soap-opera satire, the second season of which kicked off last night. Julie Klausner dropped by the show’s set to chat with the geek hero and quickly found herself taking a deep-dive into David Lynch’s surreal masterpiece Eraserhead. Watch now and discover (a) The Heart, She Holler’s secret David Lynch connection, (b) the reason Oswalt will forever associate Eraserhead with seventies soft-rockers Badfinger, and (c) what show Julie considers to be “the Eraserhead of soap operas.”

Watch Patton Oswalt Rant About Eraserhead