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When Diddy Does Burning Man, He Does It With a Pink Parasol and a Golden Glove

If you’ve been following Diddy for some time now (Puff Daddy >P Diddy > Diddy, etc.), you’ll know that to see him at Burning Man is basically expected. He loves a weird ‘ol time. But did he fully engage in the festivities? No shower and all? You decide:

Here he is! Under a pink parasol and wearing a suspiciously fresh white tee. It’s hot out there!

Photo: Splash News

In a golden glove. “I’ll never be the same,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Photo: iamdiddy/instagram

“He is an art installation himself,” wrote Vice’s Andrew Freston, who caught him on Instagram.

Photo: Diddy Under a Pink Parasol at Burning Man