Ranking Yahoo’s 5 New Comedy Shows, from Worst to First

We’re still in the very early days of web TV, with Amazon, Yahoo!, Netflix, and Hulu having emerged as the first generation of high-quality streaming content creators. Yahoo! rebranded its video site “Yahoo! Screen” in 2011 and soon got into the comedy game with Ken Marino and Erica Oyama’s Emmy-nominated Burning Love, Seth Morris’s First Dates with Toby Harris, and the sketch show Sketchy amongst their first batch of shows.

Today, Yahoo! debuts five new original 10-minute (or less) comedies, including projects from Ed Helms, Jack Black, Cheryl Hines, and more. All 10-12 episodes of each show have been posted today, instead of rolling them out week by week. We watched all five new shows and broke them down for you below:

5. Losing It with John Stamos

Created by Morgan Spurlock and John Stamos, Losing It is an interview show in which Stamos asks celebrities to tell the story of the time they lost their virginity and the only non-fiction program amongst these five new series. The show has an mostly-impressive assortment of guests (Casey Wilson, Michael Ian Black, Adam Pally, South Park’s Matt Stone, Alan Cumming, Bob Saget, Jeff Ross, Olivia Munn, Michael Rapaport, Perez Hilton), but it can’t overcome the fact that “losing your virginity” stories are all 1) pretty similar to each other and 2) not terribly interesting. The quality of each episode largely depends on who the guest is and how good their story is (Adam Pally’s is the show’s best), but Stamos isn’t a particularly probing interviewer and doesn’t really pull any new details or revelations from his guests.

4. We Need Help

Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris star in and created this Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque look at their (fictionalized) lives and the life of their beleaguered shared assistant Max (played by newcomer Max Loeb). We Need Helps has a nice, loose energy to it and Hines and Harris are funny together, but the storylines don’t live up to the promise of the show. Each episode is also padded with bloopers at the end, which is a strange choice for such a short-length program.

3. The Fuzz

Set in a world where humans and puppets live together, The Fuzz follows a puppet and his lazy, fat human partner as they combat a violent drug war. The 15-part series is packed with jokes and looks great, creating a fun, visual world that these puppets and humans live in together.

2. Tiny Commando

Though not the funniest of Yahoo’s new comedies, Tiny Commando has a lot going for it. Created by Ed Helms and writing partner Jacob Fleisher, it stars Chuck’s Zachary Levi as a four-inch tall Navy SEAL who was shrunk via a government experiment, with Community’s Gillian Jacobs playing his sidekick and Helms as his enemy. While it’s more cute than funny, Tiny Commando gets a lot of mileage out of its premise and expertly captures the look and feel of the action movies it’s riffing on.

1. Ghost Ghirls

Far and away the best comedy out of Yahoo!’s new fall crop, Ghost Ghirls stars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci as two best friends working as paranormal investigators. Lund and Blassuci created the show alongside Drunk History co-creator Jeremy Konner, originally developing it for SyFy. Lund and Blasucci have a fun and natural chemistry with each other, and the scripts to these episodes are sharp. Ghost Ghirls is produced by Jack Black, and the show was able to land a great batch of guest stars that includes Bob Odenkirk, Molly Shannon, Jake Johnson, Paul F. Tompkins, Kate Micucci, and Jack Black himself.

Ranking Yahoo’s 5 New Comedy Shows, from Worst to First