When You’re Done With Drake, Stream the New Icona Pop, Mazzy Star, and CHVRCHES Albums

Did you listen to Nothing Was the Same? Are you feeling a bit down? We understand. Here are a few full-album streams that might cheer you up a bit. (Before you get back to Drake.)

• Mazzy Star’s EP, Seasons of Your Day, is their first in seventeen years. It’s hazy, certainly, but not sad. Try: “Does Someone Have Your Baby Now” and “California.” Stream it all on NPR.

• Up-and-comers CHVRCHES do electro-pop at its finest. Their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, is also streaming at NPR. Try: “The Mother We Share” and “Gun.”

• Even peppier, Grouplove, the ones behind “Tongue Tied,” have a new album called Spreading Rumours that’s full of equally charming sing-alongs and currently streaming in full. Try: “Raspberry” and “Shark Attack.”

• Finally, get your shout on with the album that goes with Icona Pop’s infectious “I Love It,” called This Is … Icona Pop. It’s currently streaming at Pitchfork. Try: “All Night” and “Ready for the Weekend.”

Stream the Icona Pop and CHVRCHES Albums