The ‘Community’ Season 4 DVD Doesn’t Feature Dan Harmon Commentary

Community’s fourth season (a.k.a. the Dan Harmon-less season) was released on DVD last month, and the box set didn’t feature an audio commentary track from Harmon after all. Harmon, who was fired from the show after the third season and rehired for the fifth, told audiences at his Harmontown podcast in June, “Sony said they’re very interested in recording me watching it as a commentary track … I think I can do anything. It would move Season 4 DVDs, for sure.” The DVD set did end up featuring commentary from the cast and writers, just not from Harmon, which can probably be attributed to him feeling bad after publicly trashing Season 4 and not wanting to repeat that incident. Or maybe he’s just been too busy working on Season 5 to step into the recording studio.

The ‘Community’ Season 4 DVD Doesn’t Feature Dan […]