This Week In Web Videos: ‘Breaking Bad Sadness’ and ‘People Freaking Out About the End of Breaking Bad’

So, the shoot’s over. Everyone had a great time high-fiving and doing impressions and eating the single bag of Doritos you brought as crafty. Then you ask the question of all questions, the one you’ve been carrying deep inside since the shoot started: “Cool, so when do we think it’s going to be edited?” And you don’t mean like a rough edit, you mean like completely done and perfect. So you can plaster it all over Facebook and tweet it and email it to mom and dad in a desperate attempt to convince them that you’re “doing stuff.” No matter what the response to your transparent little question, you know deep down, it’s going to be a while. You don’t really get the finer points of why, but buzzwords like “color correcting,” and “mixing,” and “footage” give you some, sad idea. Unless. Unless unless unless your production is topical. In that case, it needs to be out quick in order to have any sort of impact whatsoever. And that, of course, means it will absolutely be out quick (because we’re all sniveling view chasers). But speed is all the more impressive when that quick, timely thing is also a good thing. And, as we all know, fast, good things are an essential component of viral success. Take this mash-up parody of the popular Lana Del Ray song “Summertime Sadness” written by Beth Crosby and Marc Warzecha, directed by Andrew Putschoegl, and perfectly engineered to ride the wave of Breaking Bad Sadness!

Also this, similarly opportunistic (in a good way!) addition to the deluge of pre-finale Breaking Bad-related stuff, called People Freaking Out About the End of Breaking Bad from sketch group The Kids Table.

This Week In Web Videos: ‘Breaking Bad Sadness’ and […]