Did You Spot Walt’s Old Pants on Breaking Bad?

Last night’s Breaking Bad had some shocking moments, to say the least, and quite a few of the show’s signature gorgeous shots. In addition to that, the show also had a subtle shoutout to the series first episode. [Spoilers for “Ozymandias” ahead.]

Walt rolled his barrel of money past his old khakis, the ones that blew away from the RV in the pilot. It’s possible, theoretically, that those are someone else’s pants that made a similar escape in the desert winds, but let’s assume they’re Walt’s. How many people can possibly lose khakis? (Thanks to commenter Marmad for pointing this out in the comments on our recap.)

Photo: AMC

That also ties in nicely with the episode’s title, “Ozymandias.” The poem describes “two vast and trunkless legs” that “stand in the desert,” and “near them, on the sand, / Half sunk, a shattered visage lies.” Sounds about right!

Finally, recall in season two’s “Seven Thirty-Seven,” a frustrated Hank watched a surveillance tape of Jesse and Walt stealing a barrel of methylamine. (Well, we knew it was Jesse and Walt. Hank at the time did not.) The two struggle to carry the heavy barrel, and Hank scoffs. “Try rolling it, morons! It’s a barrel! It rolls!” Looks like Walt learned that lesson.

Did You Spot Walt’s Old Pants on Breaking Bad?