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Under the Skin Trailer: Scarlett Johansson, Attractive Alien

If you were roaming the streets of Scotland and saw a woman who looked like Scarlett Johansson in a wig, would you try to have sex with her? What if it actually was ScarJo, but it’s all a trick to get you to naturally act in her movie? That’s exactly how Under the Skin was shot, with unsuspecting dudes not knowing they were on-camera. They also didn’t know that Johansson’s character was a man-eating alien. The Jonathan Glazer–directed film is receiving a good deal of buzz coming out of Venice, Telluride, and Toronto, but likely won’t hit theaters until 2014. Until then, be careful that if you meet Scarlett Johansson, she isn’t an alien or pretending to be one.

Watch Johansson in the Under the Skin Trailer