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Where Did We Leave Off With Glee?

Photo: Adam Rose/FOX

Glee returns for its fifth season tonight, and no matter how jazzy and energetic the musical numbers are, there’s a shadow cast over the series because of Cory Monteith’s death. It’s not impossible for the show to eventually move past that — and if there were ever a series that could abandon a character or a story line, it’s Glee — but going into tonight’s premiere, it’s what feels the most relevant. However, there were indeed stories last season that will presumably pick back up on tonight’s Beatlemania episode. A brief refresher on where things stand on Glee:

Blaine is planning on proposing to Kurt. Glee sure does love its weddings and momentous occasions, and Kurt and Blaine have become the show’s central romantic couple. But we’ve been down this road with Rachel and Finn already, and just as a general guiding principle, teens should not get married.

Rachel auditioned for Funny Girl. It went well! Seemingly! Glee is still not sure how to split its stories between Lima and New York, and Rachel being cast in a Broadway show would certainly make mash-up week or whatever seem like even smaller potatoes.

Will and Emma got married. Finally. Of all the couples that should be married, Glee somehow found a way to drag this one out.

Unique confessed to catfishing Ryder. Another story that really overstayed its welcome. Ryder is pissed, and vows that he’s quitting glee club. (Yeah, right.)

Brittany left for good. Brittany’s off to MIT and won’t be back on the show. Puck, Mercedes, and Mike are gone, too, so at least Brittany won’t be lonely.

Sue’s baby’s father is Michael Bolton. It’s almost too good a story line.

Marley, Kitty, and Jake were not interesting. At all!

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Where Did We Leave Off With Glee?