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Willie Garson’s Dad Gave Him ‘the Sex Talk’ in an Attic

Willie Garson. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan

At last night’s premiere of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, we asked Willie Garson if he remembers getting the sex talk as a kid. “I do,” he said. “My father took me to the attic with this horrible book … with his pants on! He took me to the attic with this horribly stupid, very simplistic book, and a pack of cigarettes. He was so nervous and I sat there and read the book and he sat there chain smoking. He was sweating profusely. And I finished the dumb book, which was literally like the penis and the vagina go together and then the egg and sperm. I was like, Okay that’s great, can I go watch TV now?” He also had a sex-ed teacher: “She was the least sexual person,” he said. “I think everyone has this story: She was wildly overweight and she had a big mole. But I think that’s a good thing that they do it that way, because it teaches kids that everyone is sexual — even that monster!”

Willie Garson Got ‘the Sex Talk’ in an Attic