ABC Apologizes for a Kid’s Remark in a ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Segment

ABC has apologized for an unscripted remark made by a child during a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment that aired earlier this month. The offending comment was made during the October 16th show in a segment called “Kids’ Table,” which involved Kimmel having a political conversation with a bunch of six and seven-year-olds. Kimmel asked the question, “America owes a lot of money to China, $1.3 trillion. How should we pay them back?” to which one child replied, “Kill everyone in China.” Kimmel laughed and responded, “Kill everyone in China? Okay, that’s an interesting idea,” but the kid’s comment has drawn a lot of controversy.

An Asian-American political organization called 80-20 made a petition that will go to Barack Obama if it gets 100,000 signatures. It’s currently at about 60,000. ABC issued an apology that reads, “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large” and they have removed the comment from online videos and that it will be removed from future broadcasts of the episode.

Check out the Kimmel clip below:

ABC Apologizes for a Kid’s Remark in a ‘Jimmy Kimmel […]