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The Age of Adaline Has Finally Found Its Ageless Woman

Good casting, overall.

Newlywed Blake Lively has signed on for The Age of Adaline, in which she’ll portray the “miraculous life of the 29-year old title character, who stops aging after recovering from a near-fatal accident.” The script — by J. Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz with revisions from Allison Burnett — follows the ageless beauty “over the 20th century [as] she embarks on an epic but isolated worldwide journey, keeping her secret, until she meets a man who forever alters her life.” Ellen Burstyn and Celeste And Jesse Forever director Lee Toland Krieger are also on board. No news on who’s playing that magic leading man yet, but Deadline notes that the project has taken quite some time to come together, casually dropping in that “Katherine Heigl was once attached” (so was Angela Lansbury, in fact). Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, Lionsgate’s co-chairs, eagerly announced they’ve found “the ideal director and stars.” Here’s hoping.

The Age of Adaline Finally Finds Ageless Woman