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Aziz Ansari’s Celebrity Crush Is Eva Marie Saint From North by Northwest

Aziz Ansari. Photo: Jimi Celeste/?Patrick McMullan

Aziz Ansari isn’t one to open up about his love life, even if a huge focus of his Netflix special Buried Alive is getting other people to open up about theirs. And yet we asked him to name a celebrity crush at last night’s premiere anyway, just to see what would happen. “I would never answer that, because you run into everybody all the time,” he said. Maybe that’s a good reason to answer it, we pointed out. “My celebrity crush is, like … I watch a lot of older movies, I’ve been watching a lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies, and the actress in North by Northwest [Eva Marie Saint] — oh my God, such a classic, beautiful look; you don’t see it as much anymore. I like those classic beauties.” You heard it here first: Grown-up Aziz has a thing for Old Hollywood.

Aziz Ansari’s Celebrity Crush Is Eva Marie Saint