CBS Makes Its Rejected Rupert Grint/Greg Garcia Pilot ‘Super Clyde’ Available Online

CBS made an unusual move this week by uploading a comedy pilot that turned down to the internet. Called Super Clyde, the show was created by Greg Garcia (My Name Is Earl, The Millers) and stars Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint as a fast food employee who decides to become a superhero. The supporting cast includes Tyler Labine, Stephen Fry, and Justine Lupe. You can watch the pilot now via CBS’s website.

CBS put the show up online after Greg Garcia requested it. Hopefully, this becomes a trend and some of last season’s most promising rejected pilots make it online.

Read the email Garcia sent to fans about the show below:

Hello Friends,I shot a pilot for CBS called Super Clyde this spring and it didn’t wind up on their fall schedule. But the good people at CBS have been kind enough to make the pilot available online.I’m really proud of this show. Mike Fresco did an amazing job directing and the cast is great. Rupert Grint, Stephen Fry, Tyler Labine and Justine Lupe.If you want to kill 20 minutes at work click on the link and check it out.Also, if you tweet and feel compelled to let other people know the pilot is out there, please do.Okay, that’s it. Please forgive me for the shameless self-promotion but a lot of people worked really hard on the pilot and I think it deserves to be seen.
CBS Makes Its Rejected Rupert Grint/Greg Garcia Pilot […]