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George Clooney Says He Didn’t Actually Write Pivotal Gravity Scene

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture/?? 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

(Spoiler alert.) Earlier in the week, we ran an interview with Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón. In it, he mentioned how he struggled with rewriting one pivotal scene until George Clooney overheard that they were having an issue and sent an e-mail saying, “I took a shot with the scene, read it. Throw it out.” Cuarón said that they ended up using it. The result, according to Cuarón, was the scene in which “[Sandra Bullock’s character] has this dream and starts talking to Kowalski about her daughter.”

People took Cuarón to be saying that Clooney wrote the scene in which his character returns as a hallucination. However, as Clooney told the Wrap, that wasn’t the case. “Alfonso’s such a sweet guy. He hands out credit to everyone all the time,” said Clooney. “I said, ‘You guys are struggling, here’s an idea.’ So I wrote out a scene, and there’s a portion of it in the movie about Sandy wanting to live. They were struggling with how to tell people she wants to live, and I said, ‘Maybe you say she talks to her little girl and says Mommy loves her.’” Meaning that Clooney didn’t write that part where he shows up, but a little part after his character vanishes. He added, “I would never write myself a scene to come back in.” In conclusion, they both seem like nice dudes.

Clooney Didn’t Write Pivotal Gravity Scene