Vulture Quiz: Did These Celebrities Date?

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by Getty

Gravity’s casting of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is a megastar pairing that makes you think, Aw, they’d be cute together — they should totally date! And it also makes you think, Wait, have they dated? They haven’t, but it is indicative of our thinking that every celebrity should date or probably did actually date every other eligible celebrity ever. But how well do you know your famous couples? You, of course, remember that Drew Barrymore was once with Tom Green — but what about the time she spent with Edward Norton? Or Luke Wilson?

Our “Did They Date?” quiz tests this kind of memory recall. Below are sixteen pairings of famous people. Each has worked together, but only some also worked together (at least according to our cross-referencing of gossip publications and the Old Love tumblr, since it’s not like there’s a public-registry office next to an In-N-Out in Hollywood). Your job is to guess which is which. Good luck!

Vulture Quiz: Did They Date?