Donald Glover Didn’t Mean Anything By His Recent Instagram Photos

Donald Glover posted some very personal notes on his Instagram feed a few days ago, one vaguely alluding to his recent decision to leave Community. Most people had assumed he was leaving the sitcom to pursue his rap career, but he said in the note that, “I didn’t leave Community to rap. I don’t wanna rap. I wanted to be on my own.” He also wrote about his personal and professional fears in a series of short notes. Now he’s told People magazine:

“That night, we had a show, and then afterwards, I had this moment of feeling like, ‘What’s the point? Why am I even here?’ ” Glover told PEOPLE exclusively Wednesday. “I just wanted to write down my feelings. I definitely was just expressing myself.”

He declined to comment on any of the substantive parts of the notes, including Community.

Donald Glover Didn’t Mean Anything By His Recent […]