Fox Cuts Backs Order on ‘Us & Them’, Essentially Cancels It Before It Airs

Fox has ended production on Us & Them, cutting the show’s 13-episode order to the seven episodes already made. According to Deadline, the network “plans to air the produced episodes and has not canceled the series,” but really that means the show is canceled. The show, which was based on the mega-hit BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey, stars Jason Ritter and Alexis Biedel as a couple in a long-distance relationship who must deal with merging their eccentric families. Kerri Kenney and Michael Ian Black played supporting roles as Biedel’s mother and uncle.

It’s the second early decision on a midseason show that Fox has made this year; the animated sitcom Murder Police was dumped just a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, despite critical scorn, Seth Green’s sitcom Dads has received an order from Fox for six more scripts.

Fox Cuts Backs Order on ‘Us & Them’, Essentially […]