Fox Is Reairing Marcia Wallace’s Emmy-Winning ‘Simpsons’ Episode as a Tribute to Her This Sunday

Fox and The Simpsons are making some programming changes Sunday to honor the life of Marcia Wallace, a voice actor on the series since Season 1 who passed away at the age of 70 last week. The show will be reairing a classic episode of the show, Season 3’s “Bart the Lover,” at 7:30 on Sunday just before a new episode of the show. The episode focused on Wallace’s character Edna Krabappel, with Bart setting her up on a fake date only to feel bad about his prank. The episode won Wallace a voice acting Emmy. The new episode of the show that follows will conclude with a tribute card from producers honoring Wallace. As previously announced, her character will be retired from the show.

Fox Is Reairing Marcia Wallace’s Emmy-Winning […]