George Clooney Explains The Monuments Men’s Delay

Photo: Claudette Barius/Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox

Yesterday, the news got out that George Clooney’s Monuments Men was going to be delayed until 2014, eliminating it from Oscars consideration. People assumed that it was because, frankly, the movie wasn’t good enough for an Oscar-season release. Well, Clooney spoke to Deadline to rebuff that claim, saying “[they] had a really good test last week” and that “[they] never thought that chasing Oscars was [their] play.” His reason: “We had a meeting with all the effects guys for our CGI stuff, and, we’re just not going to get there in time.” Adding, “This is a period film and it can’t look like CG. It has to look like it’s real.” Over the course of the interview, he runs through other excuses, like that he wouldn’t be able to promote the film and that “It’s got to be the toughest December in recent memory.” Maybe he’s just bullshitting us, but that sure is one charming bull.

George Clooney Explains Monuments Men’s Delay