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June Squibb Says Hannah’s Grandma Is Dying on Season 3 of Girls

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 08: Actress June Squibb attends the
June Squibb. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Looks like there’s some non-boy-related heartbreak in Hannah Horvath’s future on Girls: June Squibb, who is playing Hannah’s grandmother in the show’s third season, let slip that her character will be “dying.” The admission came at last night’s NYFF premiere of Nebraska, when Vulture asked how the upcoming TV role differed from playing Will Forte’s mom in the movie. “Well, as Hannah’s grandmother, I was dying,” she said. She also revealed that she’s playing Hannah’s maternal grandmother (so, Becky Ann Baker’s mom) and that we’ll “get the whole female side of the family,” which includes Hannah’s two aunts. Does the presumable death of her grandmother mean Hannah will be forced to grow up a bit? “Yeah! We do have one scene that I think will be lovely for that, that really shows that,” Squibb says. “I think it does help her grow up. People will react to her doing that.” Squibb’s also noticed that she’s getting new fans from doing the series. “All the young people where I live are thrilled that I’m on that show,” she says. “Doesn’t matter what else I did, that show is very, very important.” As for Lena, she says, “She’s heaven. I just kind of admire her and respect her and love her just so much.” January 2014 can’t come soon enough.

Hannah’s Grandma Is ‘Dying’ on Girls