Homeland’s Showrunner on Last Night’s Twist

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Stephanie J. Block as Patricia Cooper in Homeland
Photo: Kent Smith/Showtime

The frustrations about this season of Homeland had been bubbling up until last night’s episode, when it was revealed that basically everything we knew was all a canard. Carrie wasn’t actually super crazy; she was just crazy like a fox. The core relationship at the show’s center, Saul and Carrie, hadn’t gone to hell; they were actually working together the whole time. Well, Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Homeland’s showrunner Alex Gansa about successfully tricking an entire fan base. Besides acknowledging that the trick might’ve gone on too long, he opened up about what was real and what wasn’t. “Carrie went off her meds because she truly believes that on them she was dulled. That part is accurate. And the fact that she’s dismayed beyond belief to have been left on that psych ward was true.” He continued:

“[Saul] was clearly the one who leaked the information to the committee about her having an affair with Brody But she was aware that was going to happen. It didn’t diminish the power of it actually happening in front of a national audience. So when she’s reacting to what Saul’s saying, she’s reacting to what it really means, that this is what it feels like. You go back and watch it again. We spent a lot of time with Claire on the set making sure both [ways of viewing the story] were playing.” 

Ultimately, Carrie was playing the part of crazy Carrie for everyone, as Saul is the only person who knew. Like when Carrie showed up at Saul’s place and flipped out, she was actually “going back to talk to him about it. And since she didn’t find him there and only Carrie and Saul are playing this, she has to play a role for Mira.” Poor Mira. All she wants to do is feel the warm embrace of Saul’s beard, but instead she has to be a pawn who’s crazy-ed at by an occasionally mentally unstable person who just happened to be pretending this time.

Homeland’s Showrunner on Last Night’s Twist