Charlie Hunnam Had Some Very Detailed 50 Shades Script Notes

Actor Charlie Hunnam attends the season 6 premiere of FX's
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

And so begins the gossiping, back-stabby portion of the 50 Shades lead actor fallout. The Hollywood Reporter has a behind-the-scenes account of the weeks leading up to Hunnam’s departure, and it is pretty much what you’d expect: He was freaked out by all the attention, and he was only getting paid $125,000. The script (which is now being rewritten by Patrick Marber) was also apparently an issue. According to sources, the sometimes-screenwriter Hunnam submitted his own detailed notes and then asked for further script approval, which he did not get. (“That’s Charlie, that’s who he is. He’s particular.”) Hunnam started fighting with everyone and quit a couple of weeks later. Writers, man. You can’t tell them anything.

Hunnam Wanted to Rewrite 50 Shades, Basically