Jared Leto and Superfriends Give an Ode to Los Angeles in New 30 Seconds to Mars Video

Jared Leto’s eleven-minute music video for his band 30 Seconds to Mars’ new single, “City of Angels,” is a strangely moving ode to Los Angeles that features a handful of his famous friends. A teary-eyed Lindsay Lohan confesses, “I’ve disappointed myself the most in my life,” alongside Kanye West (“This city took my mother. But this city also gave me my child”), Selena Gomez (“I’m a Disney kid, people try to tell me what to do every day”), Ashley Olson (“Fame is an illusion”), James Franco, Lily Collins, Shaun White, Olivia Wilde, Corey Feldman, Alan Cumming, Steve Nash, and Juliette Lewis. The Hollywood Walk of Fame’s resident Superman impersonator, Christopher Dennis (who also starred in the 2007 documentary, Confessions of a Superhero) sums it up: “Do I think I’m gonna make it in the industry? As long as I keep believing, it will happen.” Deep.

Jared Leto, Friends Give an Ode to Los Angeles