Journalist Learns Gravity Was Not Filmed in Space

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/Warner Bros.? 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

They tell you when you’re a kid there are no stupid questions, but that’s not true, as Mexico TV reporter Carlos Pérez learned when he asked Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón to describe the difficulties of filming in space. Speaking at a press conference in Mexico City, Cuarón did not disillusion the reporter: “Well yeah, we took some cameras in the Soyuz [spacecraft], Russian missions. We were there for three and a half months, right? Three and half months in space.” As the room filled with snickers, he went on to say he got very dizzy in the training, and that there was a moment in the film where you can see the camera crew floating. For the record, they made Gravity in a studio, just like the moon landing.

Editor’s Note: The question asked of Cuaron was a joke. It is not funny that we missed that. Thank you to the commenters who pointed this out.

Journalist Learns Gravity Not Filmed in Space