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Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish: It Was Love at First Sight on the Big Sur Set

Director Michael Polish and actress Kate Bosworth attend the
Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth. Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Kate Bosworth and her now-husband, director Michael Polish, met on the set of their upcoming Jack Kerouac adaptation, Big Sur. So we thought they might shy away from questions about their origin story when we spoke to them at last night’s premiere of the movie — but they did quite the opposite. Turns out this couple likes to gush about falling in love on the job, and adorably so. Read on.

Was there any moment for both of you on set, when all of a sudden you were like, “I am not behaving around this director — or this actress — the way I normally would?
Michael Polish: Oh my god. Seconds. It took seconds.
Kate Bosworth: There’s that old cliché: When you know, you know. And I was always quite frustrated by this cliché, thinking, Agh, but how do you really know? And it’s very true. It’s a truism.

Did you find yourself showing off? Or were you more nervous than usual?
Polish: I found myself walking around San Francisco aimlessly —

Polish: Yeah, because this would be my tenth or eleventh feature at this point, so it was nothing I ever — I never crossed that line and when I met Kate, I had to take a break. I said, “I’m gonna take a break, and just walk.” But it was much more than just being an actor, I knew this girl inherently, I knew what she was doing, what she was about, and so our conversations led way beyond just acting.
Bosworth: There was never anything superficial. It was an immediate acknowledgment of knowing this person all my life, versions of him, immediately.

So early on in production, it was on?
Polish: Day one.
Bosworth: [laughs]
Polish: We have that story of when you see somebody, you’re like, “I’m gonna marry that person.” That’s what I said. I said to my first AD.
Bosworth: On this movie.
Polish: On this movie.
Bosworth: First scene.
Polish: First scene, first day, I turned to my AD, I said, “I’m gonna marry that girl.”
Bosworth: I didn’t know that [at the time]! We’d only said a few words to each other, really.

[To Kate] So did you have anyone to turn to and say that to?
No! [laughs] I was all alone on an island.

Kate Bosworth Fell in Love on the Big Sur Set