Kathryn Hahn Joins Adam Scott’s Next Greatest Event in Television History

Following in the footsteps of Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm, Kathryn Hahn is pairing off with Adam Scott in his next installment of The Greatest Event in Television History. Hahn will be part of an as yet-to-be-announced ensemble cast that Scott has assembled to meticulously produce a shot-for-shot remake of a not-so-classic TV sitcom’s opening credits. (This is the first comedy: Scott’s previous two homages have been for one-hour mystery series Simon and Simon and Hart to Hart.) Scott is keeping details of the next re-creation mostly under wraps (Vulture has already made an educated guess), but the actor tells me it was “by far the stupidest one we’ve done yet. Almost embarrassingly stupid. Hopefully in a funny way.” Below is a behind-the-scenes photo of Hahn and Scott on the set of the third Greatest (Hahn’s wig is another clue), premiering November 7 at midnight on Adult Swim.

Kathryn Hahn Heads to Adam Scott’s Greatest