Louis C.K. Is Selling an Extended Version of His Special ‘Oh My God’ for $5 Online

Louis C.K. announced last night that an extended version of his latest standup special, Oh My God, is available on his website for $5. The special premiered on HBO in April, but this is the first time C.K. has released it himself. Audio and/or video of the special are available with an extra 12 minutes of standup that wasn’t on the HBO version of Oh My God included.

Check out the mass email Louis C.K. personally sent to his fans announcing the special below:

Hi. So. it has been a while since I last wrote to you. A lot has changed since my last email to you. Firstly, you’ll be glad to know, I lost seven pounds! I know! And all it took was absolutely no dedication or commitment to losing any weight. And it paid off. Now that I knocked that out of the park, I’m setting my sights on more goals. Such as “none of my habits changing in any particular way”. I think if I really buckle down, I can make that happen.All of this is part of my new approach to life. I call it “believing in myself”. Sounds weird, huh? Well it’s really very simple. I believe that I exist. And that I’m going to pretty much keep existing and being the pretty much same guy, with the same qualities and skills I’ve always had or lacked, especially when averaged over time, no matter what happens. For instance. I BELIEVE that I’ll alway be a little but late for most things. I BELIEVE that if my work habits were 4% worse, I’d be homeless right now. I BELIEVE that I am often sleepy. See? It works!I’m writing to you today to let you know that “Louis CK Oh My God” which is my latest standup special, which aired on HBO in the spring and won an Emmy for best writing of a variety special. (I’m not trying to brag. I’m just trying to get you to buy the thing. By bragging.)
Louis C.K. Is Selling an Extended Version of His […]