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Michael Winterbottom’s Next Project Is Loosely Base on Amanda Knox

The latest Michael Winterbottom film is based on the Barbie Latza Nadeau book Angel Face – one loosely focused on the American student Amanda Knox who was convicted of killing her housemate in Italy and later set free on appeal. Gearing up for a 2014 release, The Face Of An Angel  just cast Kate Beckinsale to star alongside Daniel Brühl and model Cara Delevingne. (Her dreams are coming true!) According to Deadline, Delevingne is appropriately playing the “angel” in question, or “the suspect in a murder.” Beckinsale stars as a journalist pursuing the case while Brühl will be “a documentary filmmaker who’s also trying to get to the bottom of things.” There are also unconfirmed reports of Colin Firth circling the project, so all in all it should be interesting.

Michael Winterbottom’s Doing an Amanda Knox Film