NBC Is Developing an Animated Comedy Voiced and Co-Written by Ed Helms

NBC is looking to get back into animated comedy after a lengthy hiatus. The peacock network is developing a new comedy for the 2014-15 TV season called Mystery Island to be voice and co-written by Ed Helms, Deadline reports. Helms is writing the show with Graham Wagner, who was a writer/producer on the final season of The Office. Mystery Island is set on “an island where holidaymakers get marooned after their cruise ship malfunctions,” and Helms is planning on voicing one of the main characters. If NBC ends up picking up the show, it will be the network’s first animated series since the disastrous Father of the Pride in 2004.

Helms is producing the show via his company, Pacific Electric Picture Co., through which he’s also developing a live-action NBC sitcom created by longtime Parks and Rec writer Aisha Muharrar and an ABC comedy from Archer writer Mike Arnold.

NBC Is Developing an Animated Comedy Voiced and […]