New Cable Channel Fusion Will Feature Puppet Comedy Talk Show, Paul F. Tompkins Is Involved in Some Way

Today sees the launch of Fusion, a cable news channel aimed at 18 to 34 year olds which is described as a blend of “hard news, satire and pop culture.” Along with first day interviews with both President Barack Obama and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the channel will launch a prime-time half hour news comedy from former Daily Show writer and producer David Javerbaum. The show, No, You Shut Up, will feature four Henson puppets as news commentators. Based on this tweet, Paul F. Tompkins is involved with at least the first episode, which premieres tonight at 9:30 pm ET.

It seems like comedy will be a major part of the new channel. Javerbaum was “hired to develop prime-time comedy programs,” and according to Buzzfeed, he’s got another show in the works. And the network’s breakfast news program, The Morning Show, is co-hosted by New York comedian Yannis Pappas. Below, see a tiny, puppet sneak peek that Tompkins posted. 

New Cable Channel Fusion Will Feature Puppet Comedy […]