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Party Lines Slideshow: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and More at the Premiere of Gravity

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

George Clooney, charming silver fox that he is, is known for playing pranks on other celebrities. Back in 1996, for example, he teamed up with Tom Cruise to pull one over on Sandra Bullock: The guys pretended they were going to jump in a pool with her — they were at Joel Schumacher’s house for his birthday party — but instead they let go of her hands and pushed her into the water. “Now, that happened in 1996!” Clooney told us at the Gravity premiere this week. “She’s going to have to let that go!” Or not. As Bullock replied, “He wants me to get over it, but ask George when he’s gotten over a prank played on him. Never! He’ll spend every hour of his day plotting. I’m not plotting, I’m not giving it any weight, but should a very public occasion arise where retaliation seems appropriate and most humiliating, I will take advantage of it.” For more from the red carpet, click through our slideshow.

Party Lines Slideshow: Gravity Edition