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Watch Will Ferrell and Baby Amy Poehler in a Conan Sketch From 1997

In honor of his twenty years on TV, Conan O’Brien (well, whoever runs his website) is uploading classic videos. Here’s one from 1997 starring a still-on-SNL Will Ferrell as Scrub-a-Dub, who’s kind of like Mr. Clean, if Mr. Clean were a real D. Longtime Conan writer Brian Stack says it was actually written by frequent Ferrell collaborator and former SNL head writer Adam McKay. If that’s not good enough, the bit also features Amy Poehler when she was barely old enough to rent a car. It’s a funny reminder of comedy past — like finding a time capsule filled with whoopee cushions.

See Ferrell and Poehler in a 1997 Conan Sketch