Stephen Colbert Made Some Great Catholic Jokes Last Night

Famous Catholic Stephen Colbert gave the keynote at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner last night, a notorious white-tie charity dinner hosted by the Archbishop of New York, currently Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Colbert is the first comedian to give the keynote since Bob Newhart in 1999, and he was well-prepared. Here are a couple of the choicest quotes:

“I am proud to be America’s most famous Catholic. And I’m sure the cardinal is thinking, ‘Stephen, pride is a sin.’ Well, cardinal, so is envy, so we’re even.”

On Al Smith, who ran for president in 1928 and is how honored by the annual dinner:

Al Smith was “the first presidential candidate of a major party who was Catholic. And since he shattered the stained-glass ceiling, America has seen a flood of Catholic presidents, from John F. Kennedy, to JFK, to good ol’ Jack Kennedy.”

The Week has excellent coverage of the event, including audio of Colbert’s entire speech.

Stephen Colbert Made Some Great Catholic Jokes Last […]