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Video: Julie Klausner Chats About Great Talk-Show Meltdowns With Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman faces his fair share of disasters on his bizarre quasi-talk-show Comedy Bang! Bang! On the semi-scripted late-night show — which returns from a mid-season hiatus tomorrow — Aukerman attempts to do normal celebrity chats, but regularly ends up facing knife-wielding guests or becoming trapped in the fire pits of hell. Since he seems fixated on talk shows’ potential for supreme awkwardness, we sat him down with Vulture’s Julie Klausner to watch and analyze some of the most infamous talk-show meltdowns in TV history. Keep the cameras rolling! Don’t cut to commercial!

Note for younger viewers: A portion of this video mentions Joan Embery, an animal wrangler and Tonight Show regular in the Johnny Carson years who often brought animals on set for hilarious antics.

Video: Talk-Show Meltdowns With Scott Aukerman