‘The Daily Show’ Promotes Three Producers to Fill Showrunner Position

Longtime Daily Show showrunner Rory Albanese did his last episode on Thursday, and Comedy Central filled his job with three people today. Deadline reports that Adam Lowitt, Jennifer Flanz and Steve Bodow, all co-executive producers on the series, are being named the new showrunners. Albanese is moving to Los Angeles, where he will be working on a sitcom he sold to CBS. Lowitt and Flanz have been producers on The Daily Show since 2005 and 2006, respectively, while Bodow started as a writer in 2003 and had a stint as head writer from 2007 to 2010. The regime change comes just months after Jon Stewart took a three-month hiatus from the program, the only he time he’s ever taken more than a night or two off the show, to direct his first movie, marking a potential new career path for the longtime Daily Show host.

Check out Jon Stewart’s tribute to Rory Albanese from Thursday’s show below:

‘The Daily Show’ Promotes Three Producers to Fill […]