i'm a carrie

Now You Can Wear Your Very Own Homeland ‘I’m a Carrie’ T-Shirt

Were you a Carrie? How about a Charlotte? Maybe it turns out you were a Samantha the entire time. (Speaking of, why is that shirt available in “Juniors” sizing?) Sex and the City forced us all to pick a side, a girl, and now that we have another famous Carrie on TV (Homeland’s Carrie Mathison, duh), it’s time to update the famous merch.

Are you a Carrie? (Everyone’s a Carrie!) Grab your Post-Its.

(Access to restricted areas do not come with purchase.)

No additional neckties needed!

Too soon?

Complete with SnapChat name!

“Kick Me” is implied.

Zazzle, watch out.

Wear Your Very Own Homeland ‘I’m a Carrie’ Tee