fame in 1998

It’s Time to Revisit the Celebrity Scandals of 1998

Photo: Images by Getty

Fifteen years ago, Lindsay Lohan was playing twins, Kim Kardashian was still a high-school senior, and Chris Brown hadn’t yet gone from being unfamous to infamous. So which celebrities were keeping the tabloids in business in 1998? Continuing our obsessive crawl through fame in that pivotal year, Vulture flipped through the headlines of gossip rags to find out. While some of the scandals you’ll see as you click through the slideshow will elicit an insensitive chuckle (e.g., Courtney Love kicks a reporter in the groin), others should strike you as being singularly historic (Bill and Monica) or incredibly sad (the murder of Phil Hartman). America, here were your famous people in crisis mode during the year that also gave us Leo mania, Dawson’s Creek, and “… Baby One More Time.”

Revisiting Celebrity Scandals of 1998