See Abe Vigoda in a Wombat Suit at a Phish Concert

In a stunt both Phish fans and Fish fans can appreciate, a mystery man appeared onstage in a wombat suit at the band’s recent Atlantic City show following a performance of the song “Wombat.” He pulled off the furry head, and — perhaps Phish diehards could’ve guessed the twist here (the songs’ lyrics go, “It’s kinda like the theme to the fish TV show / You know, with Abe Vigoda”) — revealed himself to actually be 92-year-old Abe Vigoda!

Editor’s note: This post initially stated that the amazing wombat-costumed hoofer in the second video and the cane-sporting wombat-costumed actor in the first video were one and the same. Abe Vigoda is many things, but Abe Vigoda is not a dancer.

Abe Vigoda Wore a Wombat Suit at a Phish Concert