Anthony Jeselnik Says ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ Has Been Canceled

At a performance at the New York Comedy Festival over the weekend, Anthony Jeselnik told the crowd that The Jeselnik Offensive has been canceled by Comedy Central. According to The Laugh Button, the comic said the show had already been canceled and wouldn’t be returning for a third season, adding that he no particular future plans with Comedy Central.

Ratings for the weekly topical show had been slipping over the course its 18 episodes, and as the title suggests, the series was no stranger to controversy. It was also a great place to see comedians tell silly jokes about bears and legal rulings, and also for Eric Andre to set off fireworks and expose himself.

Comedy Central had been pretty lenient in letting the famously shocking comic do his own thing; back in July, he told Splitsider:

Oh yeah. They’ve given me almost total freedom. The only time they’ve ever said you can’t do anything was right after the Boston Marathon. No Viacom show could mention it, not even make fun of it, just mention it or bring it up, and that was our last episode. I was kind of annoyed about it because that’s what the show is for and so we did a bit called “Top Three Things We’re Not Allowed to Talk About” and that was kind of our way of getting around that. Now on this season, I make Boston jokes every chance I get.

Update: A representative for Comedy Central confirms that The Jeselnik Offensive will not be renewed.

Anthony Jeselnik Says ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ Has […]