‘Better Call Saul’ Might Be A Sequel, Or a Prequel/Sequel Combo

Better Call Saul, the highly anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff starring Bob Odenkirk’s lawyer character Saul Goodman, may not end up being a prequel after all. In a recent IGN interview, Odenkirk said the format of the show, which was picked up in September, is still being decided.

A lot of people do want to see what happens to next to Saul. So, I don’t know what they’re going to do. I know they’ve talked about prequel, but they’ve also talked to me about sequel, and they’ve also talked to me about a mix of prequel and sequel.

He also affirmed that the show will be more dramedy than a straight comedy show, saying he expects the balance to be  “70% drama and 30% comedy.” And it will be very distinguishable from its predecessor.

Oh my God, I told Peter and Vince, right away I said, ‘Look man, let us make this fresh for everyone.’ So that right away, in the first five minutes, every viewer goes, ‘Oh, this isn’t Breaking Bad, this is its own thing.’ And I think they feel the same exact way. There might be a cameo here or there, but I don’t know. We’re going to do a new show.

Writing on the new series is set to begin soon, so hopefully more details on the series aren’t too far away. In the meantime, BetterCallSaul.com will sate all your Saul Goodman needs.

‘Better Call Saul’ Might Be A Sequel, Or a […]