Bob Zmuda and Lynn Margulies Wrote a Book About Andy Kaufman That Comes Out Next Year

Earlier this week, there was another “Andy Kaufman is alive” hoaxinvolving a woman pretending to be his daughter and his real life brother, and now, there’s a new book about the late comedian in the works co-written by the two people who know him best. Kaufman’s writing partner and best friend Bob Zmuda and Lynne Margulies, who was his girlfriend at the time of his death, have written a new book called Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally. It’s due out October 7th, 2014. Here’s a bit from the book description:

[Zmuda and Margulies] talk about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death with chillingly morbid candor. They also reveal the secret that Andy made Lynne and Bob promise never to tell until both of his parents had died. A secret that will change everything you ever thought you knew about Andy Kaufman … the book is a farewell to the much-loved performer and includes an emotional appeal to the Kaufman family to allow an exhumation of Andy’s crypt to prove once and for all if he faked his death—the answer to which Bob and Lynne already know and are more than eager to share.

That last part just seems like bait as Margulies has said recently that she watched Kaufman die in the hospital room, but the part about that secret sounds like it could be something interesting.

Bob Zmuda and Lynn Margulies Wrote a Book About Andy […]