Take Vulture’s Catching Fire Superfan Quiz

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J.Law, pshaw! The only true Hunger Games fans are those of us who read the books long before everyone’s BFF won her Oscar. So, as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire prepares for Careers-level domination in the box-office arena this weekend, it’s time to head to the Training Center and brush up on your skills at the trivia station. In other words: Take our 35-question superfan quiz to test whether you truly have what it takes to emerge a victor. Keep in mind, though, that these questions are meant to gauge your knowledge of the Catching Fire book, not necessarily the big-screen adaptation! And don’t forget to share your score with others, because if Katniss taught us anything, it’s the importance of an alliance.

How Well Do You Know Catching Fire?

How has Katniss been spending her Sundays since winning the Games?
What lie did the Capitol concoct about Katniss’ family tree?
Occupied or unoccupied, how many houses are there in Victor’s Village?
Who is waiting for Katniss in her study on the day her Victory Tour is set to begin?
Katniss and Peeta compete in which installment of the Quarter Quell?
What does Gale say to Katniss after kissing her for the first time?
What “talent” does Katniss pretend to have?
What does Peeta spontaneously promise the citizens of District 11?
Haymitch was the victor of which Games?
Where does Peeta propose to Katniss?
What fashion trend does Katniss inadvertently start among the well-to-do in the Capitol?
Where does Katniss see a fleeting image of a mockingjay?
What is the name of the new Head Peacekeeper in District 12?
What was Gale whipped for?
How does Katniss get Haymitch to help Gale’s financially destitute family?
How does Katniss injure her foot while returning home from her run-in with the runaways?
Where do the runaways secretly keep an image of a mockingjay?
Where are the runaways headed to?
The new Peacekeepers did which of the following after being brought in to District 12?
While she’s on bedrest for her injured foot, what does Katniss work on with Peeta?
What does Katniss do on the night she finds out she has to compete in another Games?
What is Finnick Odair eating when he introduces himself to Katniss?
What are the names of the brother-and-sister victors from District 1?
What happens to Darius after he tries to stop Gale from being whipped?
Which of the following is a District 12 wedding tradition?
Whose name does Katniss write on a dummy during her private session before the Gamemakers?
What does Katniss wear to her TV interview with Caesar Flickerman?
What does Johanna Mason mockingly call Wiress and Beetee?
How did Enobaria alter her appearance after winning her Games?
What happens to Cinna just as Katniss is about to enter the Arena?
What rebellious gesture did the victors make at the end of their TV interviews?
What does Wiress keep saying in the Arena?
Who is Annie Cresta?
How does Katniss sabotage the Arena?
What is the last thing Gale tells Katniss at the end of the book?

Take Vulture’s Catching Fire Superfan Quiz