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Watch This Supercut of Celebs Doing Their Matthew McConaughey Impressions

Dallas Buyers Club opens today, with Matthew McConaughey playing an AIDS-afflicted crusader for revolutionary treatment regimens. McConaughey’s come a long way from the easygoing, chilled-out vibes of Fool’s Gold and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but even though he may have taken a turn for the dramatic in the past few years, he’s still defined offscreen by his fun-loving, bongo-playing, usually-shirtless offscreen persona. And impersonating that is catnip to celebrities who know and love him (or just love him). Watch this compilation of some of the best McConaughey impressions, from Channing Tatum to Kate Hudson and beyond. Watch it and just keep livin’, folks.

Watch Celebs Impersonate Matthew McConaughey