Comments That a Professor Wrote in the Margins of One of My Essays, by Ryan Max Riley

• History is a construct, an invention of scholars really, so here I’d put instead of history: events in the so-called past.

• I think it’s fairly certain that primitive people were scared of the sun. You can go ahead and state this boldly.

• By the way, are you dating Jennifer, from class? Remember that the emergence of monogamy was a medieval legal convenience.

• This passage seems to have been written by a smarter person. This is not intended as criticism.

• This reminds me of the mapping of 17th-century Tokyo.

• Can we see? Can we hear? I mean, actually see and hear, with our eyes and ears, or do we just think we do? I don’t believe this has been conclusively proven, though I could be wrong. Perhaps better to say: what we think we see when we look at something.

• Can you remove the number from the rugby shirt you sometimes wear? It might help you socially.

• Like Santa? If so, this reminds me of the hermeneutic difficulties attendant upon death.

• For example: at which precise moment does a person die, and if it can’t be known, are we immortal?

• Again: Do we actually have emotions? This doesn’t disprove your point but is worth considering, if you’re dating Jennifer for instance. You might not love her.

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Comments That a Professor Wrote in the Margins of One […]