A Complete GIF Guide to Lorde’s Dance Moves

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photo by Getty

Now that Lorde is a-girl-you-should-know (and study up, if not!), it’s time to break down her dance moves. Because if you’ve seen her perform live, you’ll realize that this girl knows exactly what she’s doing. Whether it’s a perfected blank stare (teenagers everywhere will understand), that Lady Gaga–esque double claw, or her mermaid hair-flip, Lorde’s moody moves match her moody sound. Let’s break down the moves.

The Shaking of a Delicious Vinaigrette Dressing
It’s that and nothing else you may have been thinking, you disgusting human. She’s 17!

The Cousin It
A move executed in anticipation for …

… The Mermaid Hair-flip
Lorde’s signature move. Mermaids everywhere clutch their seashell bras and seethe with jealousy.

The Single Claw
Little Monsters, meet your new Mother Monster. She’s super into this claw.

The Double Bear Claw
She’s about to give you a hug and … ah, nope. She’s not. Get outta here.

The Acid Flashback
Just close your eyes and ride those grooves out.

The The Price Is Right Double Claw Twist
Come on down! It’s a creepy reveal on what you just won: A $2.5 million publishing deal? Nice job.

The Heavenly Reach
“I’m sick of words that hang above my head / What about the kid? It’s time the kid got free.”

The Blank Stare
Appropriately goth, incredibly effective teenage attitude.

A Complete GIF Guide to Lorde’s Dance Moves