FX Is Developing a Sitcom Based on ‘Texts From Bennett’ Book

FX is turning the popular blog-turned-book Texts from Bennett into a sitcom from Wilfred executive producer and director Randall Einhorn. The show will based on the book, which focuses on “Bennett, a 17-year-old white kid who claims to be 13% black Crip, enjoys a more-than-recreational level of drug use and can’t keep a job,” who must move in with his cousin Mac and his WASPy girlfriend in suburban Kansas. The book was written by Mac Lethal; a scriptwriter for the series hasn’t yet been found.

Though Lethal, who’s real name is David Sheldon, has claimed that the texts from his cousin are 100% real, though The Smoking Gun claims that their entirely fictional.

FX Is Developing a Sitcom Based on ‘Texts From […]