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Nick Offerman, Secret Softie

VANCOUVER, BC - NOVEMBER 03: Actor Nick Offerman signs copies of his new book
Photo: Phillip Chin/Getty

Nick Offerman has become the poster child for ultrafetishized woodsy Americana masculinity. But don’t confuse him for his even-more-woodsy character Ron Swanson. Offerman has a softer side. Perhaps even a stoner side. “Ron is a wonderfully written comedy character. He’s a bit of a superhuman,” Offerman explained on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” this weekend. “And I’m a human being. So I cry, I stumble, I mince about a lot more than Ron does.” Really? “Yes, I mince dandily about the house,” he said. He also discussed his time as a stage combat choreographer, at Steppenwolf, the Goodman, and Offerman’s own theater company.

Wait Wait panelist Bobcat Goldthwait: I thought when you were staging fights, I didn’t understand it was choreography. I actually thought you had like a fight club going in the basement of these theaters.

Offerman: Sometimes it would get that way, depending on how much we employed the bong before curtain.

And for those keeping score, yes, of course Offerman won his segment.

Nick Offerman, Secret Softie