Photos: Doctor Who Fandom Spans Generations

Photo: Amy Lombard

Think about your favorite television series for just a moment. Ask yourself, in fifty years will this show still be around? (Probably not.) Yet somehow the BBC sci-fi classic Doctor Who, which premiered on November 23, 1963, has endured. The series has managed to enchant audiences for half a century across multiple generations and a dozen lead actors. As for the fans, you can call them Whovians.

In early November, Whovians gathered at the Clarion Hotel in Ronkonkoma for “L.I. Who,” a convention that brought together like-minded fans to the New York area for the first time in over twenty years. In a weekend full of panels (“So You Can Draw a Dalek, Now What? From Fan Art to Business”), gaming, auctions, and lectures from celebrities like Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh Doctor, I found myself in a sea of bow ties and Tom Bakerinspired scarves, with no shortage of all-TARDIS-blue-everything. What follows are photographs and interviews with Whovians as they discuss the first time they watched the show, their dream doctor, the prospect of a female leading the show, and more.